What is kajabi

Have you ever heard of an all-in-one online marketing solution? Well, I am talking about kajabi the greatest online platform I have ever seen for selling digital products. Do you know what is Kajabi? Kajabi is a great platform where you can turn your unique knowledge into your cash. In other words, it is an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneurs who want to start their career online. 

Besides that, it offers many more golden opportunities for online business owners. Today, I am going to discuss everything about Kajabi. So, don’t go anywhere. Just read the article carefully to learn what is kajabi.

Frequently Asked Question Of What Is Kajabi

Kajabi is an online shop where you can find every digital course on one platform. Now, I am going to discuss more about what is kajabi. So, without more intro, let’s get started with what is kajabi.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi is one of the most effective online software platforms mainly used for creating, marketing and selling online courses including web hosting, website design, creative content, coaching businesses etc. However, kajabi was first founded in 2010 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter. In short, more than ten years ago, this idea was mainly taken to simplify the technology system. 

What Does Kajabi Mean?

I think you still know a little about what is kajabi. Now, I am going to explain the comprehensive guide of Kajabi. It is actually a suitable platform for one who wants to explore his knowledge. In a nutshell, it is the best place to turn your knowledge into your earnings. 

Basically, it offers a full set of features you need to make your online business successful. This is why, Kajabi means ‘to take flight’ has been named by its founders.

What Can Kajabi Do?

Kajabi is an excellent tool for the business owners who want to run a successful business from the same place. Kajabi does everything to enhance your online businesses. Let’s check every function of kajabi in detail.

  • Product Builder: Kajabi is a simple product builder tool that allows its users to create different digital products. In this case, you can start with different product building templates provided  by kajabi.
  • Website Builder: kajabi is a magnificent website builder that allows you to create a suitable website for your business site. You can make your website as your own design or choose the best theme or layout for your website that can store all your digital courses. 
  • Customizable Domain: Kajabi offers a customizable domain system. So, you can change your business name according to your plan whenever you want.
  • Payment Method: Kajabi is an elegant payment gateway that accepts different payment options like PayPal, Visa cards, etc. 
  • Marketing Funnel Software: Kajabi software creates several types of sales funnels to keep your site more visible to visitors.
  • Email Marketing Tool: Kajabi has the option of email marketing to lead your business to the top-notch.
  • User-friendly Marketing Tool: Kajabi is a user-friendly marketing tool for both the entrepreneur and the buyer. It lets the users buy or create digital products within a few clicks. Besides that, it provides 24/7 customer care services and the suggestion of an expert community for its users.

Are Kajabi Websites good?

Kajabi Website
Kajabi Website

In this modern world, it is very important to have a website for your growing business. I think in this case, kajabi websites can be the best option for you. It is a great online software to create websites. Their templates follow all the rules of SEO (search engine optimization). 

So, your website will be visible to the users and thus the traffic of your content will increase day by day. However, in this case, you have to write your content with your 100% creativity and your diligence. 

Is Kajabi Expensive?

According to my experience, I would like to say that kajabi is much cheaper than other options in the world of digital platform. The cost of kajabi depends on two decent factors. 

  • The plan.
  • Monthly or annual payment.

Besides that, kajabi offers three types of plans for their users.

  • Basic: The kajabi basic plan is only for beginners who are starting their careers online. This plan will cost only $149 a month. In the case of annual payment, you have to pay only $1428 with a great discount of more than $350.
  • Growth: The kajabi growth plan is for those business owners who have already run their businesses and want their businesses to grow rapidly. This plan will cost you $199 if you want to pay monthly as well as will cost $1908 for the entire year.
  • Pro: The kajabi pro plan is for the successful entrepreneurs. You have to pay $399 for a monthly pro plan. If you want to pay together all year round, then you have to count $3828.

Briefly, I would like to advise you to select an annual plan. As your business will be a long-term project, the annual contract would be the wise thing to do. The other benefit is that the annual payment will cost much less than your monthly contract.

Is Kajabi free?

No. Kajabi is not free. But it offers a 14-day free trials without a contract.

How can I earn money from Kajabi?

Earning money from kajabi is just an awesome experience in my life. It is not a difficult task at all. I just use my skills and create a digital product. Now I am earning money by selling my products on the kajabi platform. In this case, I follow some initial techniques when creating digital courses. They are given below.

  • Creating a course that solves problems. 
  • Driving traffic to my course. 
  • Converting them into my customers. 

Is Kajabi a hosting site?

Yes. Kajabi is a hosting site. You can start your business, professional or any type of website career with kajabi. Surprisingly, it only takes a few clicks to make a proper website. 

Kajabi ensures that your website is SEO-friendly so that it can appear to people who require your products. Besides that, it offers unlimited hosting, customizable domain system and auto-scaling technology that can definitely lead your business to success.

This is all about what is kajabi. Hopefully, you have learned about what is kajabi. So, don’t put yourself through the trouble of learning about kajabi. Just follow our comprehensive guide and share your experience with us. Thanks for reading our article.

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